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Gabriela Hearst bags finally online to save the children

October 6, 2017


                                          Mira Duma in the nude ‘Nina’ bag


This summer designer Gabriela Hearst—who won the prestigious International Woolmark Prize in January—traveled to Turkana, a district in north west Kenya, with Carolyn Miles, the CEO of Save The Children, whose work benefits the famine crisis and drought in Africa.

It was that trip the prompted Hearst to donate $600,000 to the charity and for the first time since the brand launched -she will showcase her bags which normally are only available to purchase through appointments and with a waitlist beforehand, on Net-a-Porter and Bergdorf Goodman.

The websites will be selling the bags through the week of Oct 1-8, the proceeds of the purchase do not affect Hearsts’ donation, it is merely a way for people to support her cause.

The ‘Nina’ bag which is Hearst’s first ever model and the one that sprung her namesake label to cult status after being donned  in literally every color way by Miroslava Duma,  and celebs such as Demi Moore, Dakota fanning and most recently Sarah Jessica Parker-remains the brand’s most iconic and sought after model .

I don’t know about you but this to me seems to be a good deal- Cutting through waitlists and snapping that bag while actually feeling good after that ‘proceed to purchase’ click. I would love to see more brands supporting charities with such initiatives and allowing their customers the chance to support as well through their purchases.





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